Student launches memory app for dementia patients

Student launches memory app for dementia patients

A Strathclyde student has raised £160,000 to develop a tech start-up that will enable families to log life stories and connect with relatives in care.

The platform, called Storii, can be used by carers and families, both for themselves and to help people in need of care to create life stories.

Cameron Graham has been working alongside a team of developers and designers to create the platform since 2014, after thinking up the idea to help patients suffering from dementia after a stay in hospital.

A commercial trial version of the platform is currently being tested by multiple care homes in and around Glasgow.

Cameron said: ‘We want to enable families to connect with relatives in care, but through a platform that they would also want to use personally.

“We found that those in care, especially those affected by Dementia really struggle to use iPads. Storii is primarily designed to be used by carers and families to show to those in care."

Storii gained private investment alongside a £100,000 SMART Award from Scottish Enterprise in January this year.

A Beta version of the platform can currently be accessed via the Storii website, with plans to launch officially in summer 2016.