Going the extra mile for your employees

Going the extra mile for your employees

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with the Scottish Living Wage team to understand why businesses should be paying a real, meaningful living wage to staff members. So, why is accreditation as a living wage employer so important?

From looking at exactly what constitutes a Living Wage, to understanding how paying more can help a firm’s bottom line, there are clear reasons for businesses to commit to the Living Wage. The next step is to become accredited, and show the world your commitment. But what else does that bring you?

One of the most important reasons to become accredited is to join the Living Wage community. The list of employers based in Scotland who have already become accredited is over 500 strong and is growing steadily with a diverse mix of employers including smaller businesses, charities and some of Scotland’s best known employers, including Heart of Midlothian FC, University of Glasgow and Brewdog.

Each time a new employer becomes accredited and adds their name to that list they are flying the flag for the Living Wage (sometimes quite literally) and encouraging other employers to follow their lead.

Accreditation gives an assurance to all of your customers and clients that you pay the Living Wage to everyone involved in your business; from the directly employed, full time, part time, seasonal or casual staff members, through to contracted out staff who work in your business or on your premises; cleaning and catering staff are good examples of this.

Equally, accreditation assures them that you are paying the Living Wage now, and will continue to pay the Living Wage announced each yearThe Living Wage is announced in the first week of November each year and accredited Living Wage Employers have six months to implement it.

Being accredited means you will receive public recognition for your fair pay policy. With accreditation comes a listing on the website, the right to display the Living Wage Employer Mark, and PR and publicity as well. A number of employers have told us that receiving formal accreditation as a Living Wage Employer was great for morale – not just for the staff who received an uplift in their wages but across the organisation as a whole.

If you’d like to find out more about Living Wage accreditation, and discover whether it might be right for your organisation, please visit http:scottishlivingwage.orgjoin