Mrs Unis scores £150,000 deal with Asda

Mrs Unis scores £150,000 deal with Asda

Edinburgh-based Indian food supplier Mrs Unis Spicy Foods has secured a £150,000 deal with Asda to exclusively supply four new flavoured naan breads to the supermarket chain.

Mrs Unis currently supplies over 730,000 packets of pakora per year to Asda customers; and now four new naan breads will chain them, including Keema Naan, Cheese and Coriander Naan, Meetha Naan and Chicken Tikka and Coriander Naan.

The food supplier’s relationship with Asda has helped the firm to increase its workforce by 150%.

Business owner Shaheen Unis CBE has grown Mrs Unis from a small operation selling pakora from a shop in Stockbridge, to a fully-fledged factory benefitting from the knowledge, support and experience of Asda.

“Supporting local Scottish suppliers is an integral part of what we strive to do at Asda,” said June Rose, regional buying assistant for Scotland.

 “Our relationship with Mrs Unis has benefited both of us greatly. We have been able to bring more authentically produced Indian delicacies to the palates of Scots across the country and Mrs Unis has increased their workforce from 18 to 45 and therefore given employees a new sense of identity, purpose and array of skills.”

Shaheen Unis added “Asda has been crucial to the success and growth of Mrs Unis and in a larger context, improving the lives of those in the community.

“This year’s Asda Supplier Development Academy is allowing us and other Scottish food and drink producers to benefit more and more from Asda’s expertise. With their help, we are already looking at some exciting expansion plans.”


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