The future is golden for Beehive Brae

The future is golden for Beehive Brae

Beehive Brae’s signature Blonde Honey Beer, which has already been a hit in Aldi stores across Scotland as part of its Summer Beer Festival, has now made the finals of two prestigious beer awards.

The beer has been nominated in the finals of the Scottish Beer Awards, which not only pits the ethical ale against other craft brewers, but also against some of the giants within the industry.

Warren Bader, CEO and founder of Beehive Brae’s parent company, Plan Bee Ltd said: “It’s been an amazing summer for Beehive Brae, firstly with the reception we’ve received in Aldi, where our honey beer has flown off the shelves. Some stores even sold out in 24-hours.

“And being recognised among our peers with these two prestigious craft beer nominations is amazing. Having started as a crowdfunding project just two years ago, we have been on a fantastic journey.”

While making the finals of the Great British Food awards will see Beehive Brae match up against the best craft brewers in Britain. The category will be judged by accredited Beer Sommelier and journalist Sophie Atherton, who has written for the Guardian, the Times and the Telegraph.

Beehive Brae’s journey began with Plan Bee’s 2014 crowdfunding drive, where the company were 175% successful, helping them to raise vital funds to brew their own beer and develop the innovative, ethical brand, that is produced for the Betterment of Bees.

Aldi has been a long-term supporter of the beer, and it was distributed across the company’s 67 Scottish stores in June 2016, with many selling out almost automatically.

Warren Bader said: “Aldi has been a terrific supporter of Beehive Brae, and of great quality Scottish produce in general. We’re delighted to work with them as a partner in bringing our premium quality craft beer to the public. Together, all of these elements are helping to create a greater awareness around our great British honey beer and around the plight facing great British honey bees; and that can’t be a bad thing.”


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