Browns Food Group score six-figure Lidl deal

Browns Food Group score six-figure Lidl deal

Browns Food Group has secured a six-figure with Lidl to supply products for the supermarket’s Deluxe Scottish cooker meats range.

The deal is part of Lidl’s wider commitment to developing its range of Scottish produce, following a series of Scottish products being added to the supermarket’s range over the last six months including a seven figure investment in Graham’s The Family Dairy for Lidl’s Aberdoyle Dairies brand.

Dumbfriesshire-based firm Browns Food Group will supply Scotch Beef, Peppered Scotch Beef, Scottish Mustard Ham, Scottish Pepper Ham, Scottish Breaded Ham and Scottish Honey Ham to the supermarket.

All of the firm’s products are entirely Scottish products.

The deals will see these products sold across all of Lidl’s 91 stores in Scotland.

Lucinda Thompson, senior buying manager for Lidl said:  “Browns Food Group have supplied Lidl for a number of years now and have always delivered on quality, which our customers always enjoy and expect from us.

“Working with the best suppliers in the country is a priority for us and we are continually looking for the best quality Scottish produce to stock in our stores.“

Lee Godfrey, managing director at Browns Food Group, said: “Browns Food Group are proud suppliers of Lidl Uk and we were delighted to secure supply of Lidl’s new Scottish Cooked meats range. 

“Produced in our purpose built factory in Dumfriesshire, using QMS Approved Specially Selected Pork and Scotch Beef we have created an exceptional range of quality Scottish cooked meats for Lidl’s Scottish customers.  As a business based in Scotland we are delighted to see Lidl’s commitment to Scottish products.” 



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