Young entrepreneur hits 70% of Crowdcube target

Young entrepreneur hits 70% of Crowdcube target

A young Scottish food entrepreneur is hoping to gain an investment of £60,000 through a crowd-funding campaign to increase production capacity for his company’s range of fresh Scottish soups and sauces.

The Hebridean Food Company, set up by 25-year-old Douglas Stewart, has already raised 70% of the £60,000 investment, with one investor committing a single contribution of £25,000.

Douglas’s Crowdcube overfund limit is £150k, meaning the crowd-funding campaign can continue until the end date of 20th August or until £150k is raised

Funds raised will also be invested in marketing and business development for the firm.

Douglas, the son of a lobster fisherman from the Isle of North Uist, founded the company in 2014 when he decided to turn his passion of Hebridean, realised whilst working alongside his father as a child, into a business.

His aim is to now ensure that everyone in the UK is able to enjoy a true taste of the Hebrides.

Douglas said: “I’m delighted we’ve raised over £42,000 since launching the campaign less than a week ago.

“If we reach an overfunded situation, we would be in a position to employ a more aggressive approach to our business and product development.

“With UK sales of fresh soups increasing, we spotted an opportunity to create a premium range of Scottish soups using quality ingredients with proper provenance.

“In addition to this, we have plans to target the health foods market by launching a range of fresh ready meals, as well as expanding our soup range to include health-focused varieties.”

The Hebridean Food Company retails seafood, organic meat and organic lamb, and has already seen success in its first few years in trading having already scored deals with some big name retailers.

In January, discount supermarket Aldi agreed a deal to retail the company’s Mussel Chowder, and have since agreed to a further two national listings this September.

In addition, contracts for the soups have been secured with Selfridges, Whole Foods Market, Earthy food markets, House of Bruar and The Cress Company wholesale.  



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