Report highlights strength of labour market in Glasgow

Report highlights strength of labour market in Glasgow

A report to a Glasgow City Council committee this week underlined Glasgow’s improving performance as well as job creation and a fall in unemployment figures.

The report to the Regeneration and Economy Committee focused on labour market trends over the years 2010-15, and key findings show improvements in all indicators, including a 2.6% increase in employment and a 1.5% decrease in unemployment over the last year, a 17.2% increase in youth employment, and a 15.4% decrease in youth unemployment in the last year, the biggest fall anywhere in the UK and the city’s lowest rate since the recession.

The report also found that 46.3% of Glasgow’s working age population have degree level qualifications, representing a 13.8% increase since 2010, and the second highest percentage in the UK Core Cities.

It also showed 66.5% working age employment rate in Glasgow, the highest recorded since the introduction of these measurement in the Annual Population Survey in 2004.  The increase in this rate over the past five years was the third best in the UK Core Cities

Council Frank McAveety, leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “These are fantastic figures for Glasgow and confirm that the city’s economy is very much moving in the right direction.  Our performance over the past few years in increasing employment in the city – especially for young people – is welcome and a ringing endorsement of our economic strategy. 

“These figures highlight that we are performing better than many of our competitor cities across the UK in terms of job creation and reducing unemployment, and with the second-highest level of graduates per head of population in the country, Glasgow’s future is looking bright.”  

The report concludes that Glasgow City Council employability programmes, such as the £50million Glasgow Guarantee, have played a key role in the city’s improving performance in the labour market.


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