Scottish Enterprise service to boost workplace productivity

Scottish Enterprise service to boost workplace productivity

A new workplace innovation service from Scottish Enterprise is helping businesses in the country to empower their staff and drive productivity.

The service is being launched by minster for business, innovation and energy, Paul Wheelhouse, today at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo.

Today’s launch event will offer a master class demonstrating how employers can redesign jobs to deliver a range of business benefits including increased productivity, decreased staff turnover and reduced absence.

Research from the US shows productivity can rise by up to 30 per cent for those investing in workplace innovation.

A Dutch study also indicated 75 per cent of successful business innovation is actually through changes to managerial, organisational and work practices at an operational level.

Recent research in the UK found that poor leadership and management practices account for productivity losses equivalent to £19bn per annum.

Minister for business, innovation and energy, Paul Wheelhouse said: “Evidence shows that a fairly treated workforce is a more productive workforce and that’s good for individuals, good for business and Scotland’s economy, and at the heart of the Government’s Economic Strategy.

“International evidence shows that tackling inequalities and boosting competiveness go hand in hand. We want our economy to thrive, delivering more, better paid jobs and the relationship between employers and their employees is crucial. More and more successful Scottish businesses recognise that their employees must feel valued, rewarded and

engaged in their work.

“Innovative and creative approaches are vital both to engage a workforce and increase productivity. That is why I am particularly pleased to help launch this new strategy, which I am sure will help companies and employees across Scotland.”

Adrian Gillespie, managing director of growth companies, innovation and infrastructure at Scottish Enterprise added: “The way workplaces are organised and employees are engaged is more important than ever before. There is a growing body of evidence that shows that innovative workplaces are more productive and competitive, in short they are more successful.

“We want our new Workplace Innovation Service to support companies find new ways of engaging the creativity and skills of their people to drive success.”

The event will see a talk from Michelin Dundee general manager John Reed describing his firm’s experience with redesigned jobs, and from Lindsay Macpherson, HR director at the Royal Zoological Society for Scotland, who will share RZSS Edinburgh Zoo’s experiences in developing people management approaches.

Mr Reid said: “For any team to achieve success it must rely on every individual in the team, top to bottom, contributing all their talents and efforts.

“Unfortunately, many organisations only manage to scratch the surface and miss the opportunity to harness the massive potential of their people. To successfully unlock the potential of a workforce the organisation needs to firstly achieve the engagement and motivation of their people. Only then can you successfully empower them and develop their potential. Key ingredients are Respect, Transparency and Trust all aligned with a clear and simple focus.”

Ms Macpherson added: “At the heart of what we have been trying to do at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo is let our employees have ownership of what they do, how it impacts on them, their colleagues, the organisation and how they can influence things.

“Whilst it is still early days for us, thanks to the support of Scottish Enterprise we have been able to develop the tools and resources needed to help our staff achieve their aims.”

The Scottish Enterprise workplace innovation service consists of three elements which will be delivered over two years, including a series of master classes, a workplace innovation engagement programme focusing on individual and shared learning and a high performing participating teams approach to support improved performance. 




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