Living Wage: CMS Window Systems

Living Wage: CMS Window Systems

Since adopting the Living Wage in 2015, CMS Window Systems have seen real benefits including reductions in staff turnover and absence rates – a great thing when a business is growing.

Based in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, and with a depot in Fife and an office in England, CMS Window Systems is one of the top Scottish companies designing, manufacturing, and installing PVCu, aluminium and timber aluminium composite windows, doors and curtain walling systems. 

Employing over 245 staff, and having supported over 100 apprentices, the firm recognises that people are their most valued asset, and are fundamental to the success of the business. They invest heavily in people, and aim to nurture and protect that investment.

In early 2015, CMS became one of the first manufacturing businesses to become a Living Wage Accredited employer. Well ahead of any legislative requirement, they took the step to ensure their workforce could maintain a sustainable career with CMS, particularly younger workers who they recognise as being vital to the long term success of the business.

When CMS implemented the Living Wage, almost half of its staff received a pay increase, a move which had a strong positive impact on the business, with CMS seeing a 40% improvement in staff absence and staff turnover rates.  

Anna West, HR manager, said the ethos of the company positively reflects the arguments for the Living Wage - the benefits to business, to individual employees and their families, and wider society.

“We believe that a good worklife balance ensures a more effective and efficient work force,” said Anna. “We have a comprehensive section concerned with all our “good work” policies in our employee handbook, and we believe that there is a strong business case for the Living Wage.

Anna added: “Paying the Living Wage means we are finding it easier to recruit and retain good employees. Being an accredited Living Wage Employer also makes attracting talent easier and therefore the recruitment process itself is also more efficient.

“From an ethical perspective, I feel strongly that we are making a real difference to our employees lives and that there is then a knock on effect on the local community and economy.

Team member Rachel Clark had worked with CMS since before the Living Wage was introduced. She said: “My wages practically doubled overnight with the introduction of the living wage and I was able to afford driving lessons and go out with my friends more. I have since passed my test and bought a brand new car.

“It has made me feel appreciated at work and motivates me to give 100% effort.”

If you’d like to find out more about Living Wage accreditation, and discover whether it might be right for your organisation, please visit http:scottishlivingwage.orgjoin