Start-up to solve Scotland's HR queries

Start-up to solve Scotland's HR queries

A start-up aiming to help Scottish businesses with HR and employment law solutions is expanding its workforce in a bid to surge past the £1m turnover mark.

Solve., which saw annual sales reach £300,000 and profits double last year, has outlined its future growth strategy which aims to increase opportunities for companies seeking personal, low-cost advice services.

The firm currently has 20 retained clients and another 100 businesses which use its services on a regular basis, but has plans to boost this figure to 50 retained clients, as well as increase staff to 50 by 2020.

Founding director Stephanie Robinson says that she hopes Solve.’s methods can “shake up” how HR and employment law is handled within the sector, and allow clients to unlock new benefits.

The firm hopes to set itself apart from others within the sector by not tying clients into long-term contracts, and instead offers a one-to-one consultancy service with hourly rates.

Stephanie said: “Every business knows that its success is determined by its employees– regardless of what sector or level of employee.

“But many businesses are missing out in not having the right HR strategy to secure the advantages of good employee productivity and the growth that can be achieved from recruiting the best people.

“At Solve. we take a hand-on approach to understand your business thoroughly and to establish your HR needs. From there we aim to bring new ideas, problem-solving techniques and a unique and ethical HR consultancy style to any organisation which can make it better, leaner and more effective.”

The firm currently has permanent offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London, however also champions flexible working, allowing its seven-strong team to work from home or from clients’ offices.

“It is still a relatively new model of working, but by 2020 we want to have 50 staff working in this flexible way, leveraging all the benefits of new technology while still guaranteeing clients a secure and confidential service,” added Stephanie.

“I was determined to reach £300,000 turnover, not least because lots of people in the world of SMEs told me that getting past £250,000 could be a real challenge and I didn’t want to get stuck there.

“I’m totally convinced our approach and strategy will allow us to continue grow the business significantly to reach our desired goal and position Solve. as real innovators in the HR and employment advice sector.”

As well as general HR support, such as advice on disciplinary, sickness or redundancies issues, Solve. provides support for strategic HR service including restructuring, culture change, training and career framework programmes.

It also offers specialist recruitment services, including headhunting, assessment and recruitment programmes.



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