Pickerings founders launch social enterprise gin

Pickerings founders launch social enterprise gin

An Edinburgh distillery is showing its Ginerosity with the launch of a new social enterprise gin.

Pickering’s Gin founders Marcus Pickering and Matt Gammell have teamed up with social enterprise experts to produce the Ginerosity spirit, the profits of which will be poured into good causes.

Together they have formed a new company, Good Spirits (Scotland) CIC, in partnership with social enterprise entrepreneur Chris Thewlis, Dave Mullen of marketing agency Story, and drinks industry and export specialist David Moore.

The team of launched the gin at Pickering’s distillery in Edinburgh’s Summerhall, and said it would invest profits from sales of Ginerosity into projects that will help and support disadvantaged young people.

Pickering said: "Supporting good causes is something that’s very close to our hearts, and something we’ve been involved in for many years. But for a while we’ve wanted to do something more formal with our gin company. Producing this unique gin is the perfect way to achieve that.

"This is all about turning young people’s fortunes around, and I’m exceptionally proud that we’re the first to do it. We want to support disadvantaged and disenfranchised young people in the UK, as well as give opportunities to young people and children in other countries.

"By bringing in Chris Thewlis, Dave Mullen and David Moore, we’ve put together a superb team of industry leaders, experts in their field, who bring their own knowledge and skills, as well as their contacts, to make this unique project happen."

Pickering’s co-founder Gammell said: "We’ve established the company, we’ve created a gin that looks and tastes beautiful, and we’ve got a super cause to support: helping young people build themselves a better future. Now we’ve just got to get this gin into the market so people can start buying the product and help give these deserving young people a step up."

The gin recipe itself was made using responsibly sourced botanicals, while the brand and was developed by Dave Mullen and his creative team at Story.

The new company said its profits would go towards enabling young people to develop life skills that would help them find work and build a stable future. The social enterprise is now recruiting an independent panel whose members would decide on the direction of the funding.


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