Offshore specialists team up

Offshore specialists team up

Seacroft Marine Consultants has partnered with specialist marine services provider Viking SeaTeach.

The collaborative agreement will allow both companies to subcontract the other for their services and enhance offering to clients, with particular focus on rig move services. 

Aberdeen-based Seacroft also will also offer marine assurance packages, OVID and CMID inspections, marine warranty work, International Safety Managemenet audits and dynamic positioning assurance.

As part of the rig move services, Seacroft supplies experienced tow masters and marine representatives to undertake the work. The firm recently provided six marine personnel for their first rig move with Viking SeaTech, a complex move from Europe to the UK sector in the North Sea.

Michael Cowlam, Seacroft’s technical director, said: "Collaboration and innovative solutions are absolutely key in the current oil and gas climate and we are delighted to have joined forces with Viking SeaTech to share our expertise and work together in a mutually beneficial way.

"Combining our knowledge in the industry with Viking SeaTech’s will support us both in the future and offer our clients an even more varied range of services and resources, along with an unparalleled combination of experience and skillsets. Our first rig move with Viking SeaTech was a great success and we are looking forward to working on future projects with them."

John Dick , Viking SeaTech, North Sea region leader, said: "Viking SeaTech are looking forward to working with Seacroft Marine to deliver first class services to our customers.

"Through combining SeaCroft’s marine consultancy expertise with our specialist marine capabilities and knowledge our customer base will benefit from a broader and stronger service offering."