Edinburgh entrepreneur makes even the most hands-on of businesses accessible anywhere

Edinburgh entrepreneur makes even the most hands-on of businesses accessible anywhere

Chris Kennelly’s frustration with appointment waiting times and the lack of instant accessibility for patients to see professional clinicians has led him to solve the problem himself and start his own business.

Chris’s business, Jim Jam, is the first digital physiotherapy service that allows patients to have private appointments via video link seven days a week. Rather than wait 10-12 weeks for a face-to-face appointment at a local clinic, patients can register online, giving details of their ailment and booking an appointment at a time that suits them. A network of chartered physiotherapists can then be connected with patients to give a diagnosis and evidence-based exercise subscription.

Founder Chris Kennelly believes the newly-launched service will meet a growing demand for flexible appointments and free up time for the burdened NHS. The service will also be available to those abroad needing fast advice.

Through a loan from Government Start Up Loans delivery partner Transmit Start-Ups, Chris was able to get his business idea up and running quickly, with funds used to develop and launch the business’s website and virtual clinic, jimj.am.

Commenting on the launch of the business, CEO Chris Kennelly says: “It has been proven that fast diagnosis and treatment of problems can prevent a temporary issue becoming a more permanent problem. Our service is about lowering the barriers to treatment, while providing a service that is time and cost-effective as well as clinically-effective.

“It’s about time we got creative with the way we deliver professional services, and we have proven that technology can be used to improve access to even the most hands-on professions.”

Richard Myers, Commercial Director at Start Up Loan delivery partner, Transmit Start-Ups, says: “You don’t always need a brand-new product or service idea to start a business. In Chris’s case, he has innovated the way an applied service like physiotherapy can be delivered.

“Sometimes, after working in a profession you can spot an opportunity to make that service that little bit better, or get the chance to deliver something different. We are approached with different ideas from aspiring entrepreneurs and new business owners across Scotland every day and it is amazing to be able to make so many of these dreams and ideas become a reality.”

For more information, visit www.transmitstartups.co.uk