Who’s for a G-in-Tea?

Who’s for a G-in-Tea?

In a very Scottish foodie collaboration, loose-leaf speciality tea company eteaket is working with new spirit company, Isle of Harris Distillery, to create an unusual tea blend which is made from Isle of Harris Gin botanicals.

The Isle of Harris Gin Tea is a herbal, caffeine-free blend which uses juniper, coriander, angelica root, cubebs, orange peel, liquorice root, cassia bark and sugar kelp - which is hand harvested by a local diver from the deep underwater forests of the Outer Hebrides.  This unusual botanical gives the gin - and now this tea - its distinctive flavour.

Erica Moore, founder of eteaket, said: "I had the idea to collaborate with Isle of Harris Gin Christmas 2015 while sharing a bottle of the gin with my mum. My mum is from Harris and I spent many happy holidays there visiting my Granny and numerous relatives.

“My mum had lunch with an old school friend and they got round to talking about our tea cocktails. Isle of Harris Gin seemed like a good fit so he kindly put me in touch with the MD, Simon Erlanger. Simon was very keen to see what we could do with a tea blend and after some experimenting I sent my blend off to Harris where I’m pleased to say it was met with unanimous approval.

“We launched the blend on 9 Dec thinking we had enough for about 3 months but by the next day it had sold out with a massive waiting list. We’re currently blending more to meet the demand."

Simon sees his firm as a ‘social distillery’, producing drinks that are made to be shared. “Tea and gin are both sociable things,” he said, “and this partnership with eteaket is a marvellous way of combining the two.”

Isle of Harris Gin captures the elemental nature of the Isle of Harris. The unique inclusion of local, hand-harvested Sugar Kelp speaks of this remote Hebridean island’s deep connections to the sea.

Sold in a ribbed glass bottle, Isle of Harris Gin has captured the hearts and imagination of both customers and the design community at large, where it has won a number of key awards already this year.

Erica adds: "It has been a joy to work with Simon and very fulfilling for me to be able to square the circle and work with a tremendous product from the Isle of Harris.

“My mum and Simon were both at the launch and she was able to fill him in on some of the fables around the island including the 'The Dottach’ – the copper still used to infuse the gin.

“It turns out I had met the actual Dottach it was named after many times as a little girl!"

 With a new blend already in the works, this is unlikely to be the last such infusion sold my eteaket. "I’m hopeful that our mutual interest will continue in the future so watch this space.”