Entrepreneurial Scotland Summit to talk scale

Entrepreneurial Scotland Summit to talk scale

Chris van der Kuyl, chair of Entrepreneurial Scotland, found himself atop a climbing wall at Avertical World climbing centre in Dundee, to reveal the theme of ‘Scaling up’ for this year’s Entrepreneurial Scotland Summit.

He went above and beyond the call of duty to promote the event, taking place on Thursday 4 May at Gleneagles Hotel. The country's leading entrepreneurial membership network has assembled a world class line up of speakers who will share their knowledge, experience and insights with Scotland’s entrepreneurial leaders.

Chris van der Kuyl, chairman of Entrepreneurial Scotland, said: “Our vision is to make Scotland the most entrepreneurial society in the world and to do that we need to address the scale-up skills gap in Scotland. This year’s summit will focus on the challenges that some of our most successful business leaders have had to face when making the leap from SME to a major global organisation.

“Seeing and hearing from those who have been there and done it is invaluable. It ignites ambition, instils confidence and educates us on the possibilities that we have not yet explored. If you’re a business in Scotland and you only attend one event this year then that event should be ES Summit 2017.”

Sandy Kennedy, chief executive officer of Entrepreneurial Scotland, said: “In uncertain times it is the entrepreneurial that are resilient. We learn, we adapt and we seize opportunities.

“Entrepreneurial Scotland acts as a catalyst for our members, bringing together the inspiring and innovative people that are out there running businesses into an environment where they can learn from each other, grow their confidence and really be ambitious. At Entrepreneurial Scotland nothing is impossible and if you’re a member the only question is ‘how can we help you to make that happen’.”