'School for entrepreneurs' has no exams, classrooms or timetables

'School for entrepreneurs' has no exams, classrooms or timetables

Glasgow's Kelvinside Academy has secured an exclusive partnership with American pioneers NuVu to work on Biofashion and Swarm Robotics.

A ‘micro-school’ that has revolutionised education and boosted entrepreneurialism in America is heading for Scotland  - with no exams, classrooms or timetables.

The NuVu model has pupils spending their days as engineers, creating and testing solutions to everyday problems. They follow a fluid two week programme with the help of experts and then present their finished project to guest experts.

Projects their students have been working with industries include 3d printed cycle shoes, a ‘skills vest’ to help children with Cerebral Palsy develop motor skills, and a hand-driven gearing system to propel wheelchairs.

Now Kelvinside Academy, a co-educational independent day school in the West End of Glasgow has secured an exclusive partnership with NuVu to create  the first partnership in Europe where pupils will work with experts on either Biofashion and Swarm Robotics.

The vest developed to help Cerebral Palsy childrenHeadmaster Ian Munro, at 35 the youngest serving rector of an HMC independent school (the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference association), says the major coup may be his most significant initiative to date.

“NuVu was ranked as the number one school worth visiting in the USA, so we are thrilled to be able to offer our pupils such an exceptional opportunity. Our young people will inherit a planet full of uncertainty and challenge, but also opportunity. We are deeply committed to preparing our pupils for the challenges and opportunities beyond the school gate.

“We want to ensure that our pupils can be a real force for good in the world. This partnership, both this summer and in the future, can help us meet this goal.”

NuVu’s founder and ‘Chief Excitement Officer’, Saeed Arida said: “The entire team at NuVu Studio is thrilled to collaborate with Kelvinside Academy in spreading our mission of making creative learning an integral part of all pupils’ education. Kelvinside shares with us the belief that young people are capable and exceptional participants in our society.”

The initiative comes as the education and training sector in Scotland received another boost with the extension of an Msc in data skills.

The Data Lab - an innovation centre established with an £11.3 million grant from the Scottish Funding Council -  is increasing its MSc programme from 90 to 130 funded places with support from The European Social Fund and the SFC.

The centre aims to unlock an estimated £20bn value of data to Scotland and generate 248 high-value jobs. So far there have been more than 500 students on its education programme which includes the MSc, industrial doctorates and executive education programmes among other training opportunities.