Carol Smillie’s clever pants go global

Carol Smillie’s clever pants go global

Carol Smillie’s ‘Pretty Clever Pants’ are to be sold internationally, after a deal with TV shopping channel High St TV.

Since launching her business ‘DiaryDoll’ in 2012, television presenter and BQ featured entrepreneur Carol Smillie has spent the past 5 years tackling the taboo of menstruation, by creating a range of washable women's underwear with a secret waterproof panel to protect against embarrassing leaks.

Such a simple idea initially grew quickly, with a triple layer technology and a UK patent in place, Smillie sold into high street giants John Lewis, Debenhams, and Alliance Healthcare. But the brand was not without it’s problems, as manufacturers went into administration and early sales stalled, due to lack of education and funding capital.

The company went back to the drawing board, and turned their attention to women of 40+ who regularly suffer with bladder weakness, a massive market which, until then, only had the option of plastic pants or unattractive disposables.

By designing feminine pretty underwear that women would actually choose to wear, and adding a completely undetectable waterproof panel, the company quickly gained listings with Boots, QVC and a number of international retailers.

Today the brand has undergone it’s own makeover, with the new name ‘Pretty Clever Pants’, and a global license deal with TV shopping channel High St TV, the company behind health food market leader Nutribullet

HSTV supply to a network of over 9,000 retail outlets across the UK, and have now created a 15 minute infomercial show, which was filmed with Carol in Los Angeles, to air across their four, 24hr channels, with a plan in place to take the product worldwide, via their 87 global territory partners. 

Carol is delighted with the development. “Creating a brand with no experience, around a topic no-one wants to discuss, was so much harder than I ever imagined,  but as 1 in 3 women suffer from leaking issues at some point in their lives, whether they’re 12 or 80, I always knew that with the right backing, it could be huge.

“High St TV have been incredible and supported me from the very outset, and I am so excited to join them as they take it to a worldwide market."