Software breakthrough could help smaller business provide free wi-fi

Software breakthrough could help entrepreneurs provide free wi-fi

Founder Patrick Clover now has close to one million users worldwide of his BLACKBX technology

An Edinburgh-based tech company is set to shake-up the sector with a new way of supplying free Wi-Fi.

Entrepreneur Patrick Clover founded BLACKBX in 2015 and now has close to one million users worldwide who have logged into using the company’s cloud-based management software.

In an industry first, the software will make it possible to integrate remotely with millions of internet access points worldwide in minutes rather than hours, and will provide real time customer analytics, enabling owners to increase loyalty and generate revenue through targeted marketing and mailing lists.

Patrick Clover told BQ: "BLACKBX is a cost effective way for small businesses to gain valuable insights into their customer base. Firstly, having free guest Wi-Fi is essential to any business and is expected these days. The added benefit of having BLACKBX is that it is easy to install and providers a better user experience for your customers. Our software also acts as a marketing tool, enabling businesses to grow their mailing lists or create automated marketing campaigns. For example, if your business is a coffee shop where people tend to stay and work using Wi-Fi, BLACKBX’s software can send a customer an email or text message offering 10% off your next order. Having good Wi-Fi is a simple way to grow loyalty and generate revenue.

"My vision for the future is to be everywhere. Ultimately, we want to create one joined up, seamless experience for those logging into public Wi-Fi, from one place to another - in taxis, airports, hotels, bars, restaurants, stadiums, events venues.

“We are the first company to offer venues the ability to integrate Wi-Fi software into existing access points. It’s set up and configured remotely in minutes using cloud technology from our base in Scotland, which saves time and costs.

“Our clients can get real time insight into who’s visiting their venue and how long they stay for with the scope for generating revenue by charging for access. The platform is extremely disruptive to the status quo, minimising the on-going cost and hefty setup fees typically associated with products in this category.

“Currently, businesses that can’t afford or don’t have the expertise to offer feature rich public WiFi will buy off the shelf hardware that doesn’t add any value to the business. Our system is easy to install, easy to operate, and doesn’t cost the earth.

“Pilots have been successfully completed in the UK and on multiple sites in the US, so we can grow our international presence and compete with multinational Wi-Fi providers.”