Edinburgh Fringe

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017

Record Fringe attendance boosts retailers

A record number of people turned out for this year's Edinburgh Fringe and International Festival, providing a huge boost to local retailers.

Independent retailers have seen a significant spending boost during this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, beating 2016 sales by 6%.

Data from retail point-of-sale software firm Vend shows a 13% increase in the number of sales put through by each retailer in August, compared to the three months prior.

This year’s record attendee numbers also helped boost overall retail spending in August by 6%, compared to the same period last year.

The biggest spending days were 3 and 26 August, as people flooded into the city for the start of the Festival, and to catch the final acts.

Not surprisingly, it was places to eat and drink that saw the biggest jump in spending.

Sales increased by 61% in drinking places compared to the three months previous, while bakeries saw a 30% increase and limited-service restaurants had a 20% increase.

Gift and novelty stores also saw a significant sales boost of 21%, and sporting goods stores had sales increase by 13%.

Vaughan Rowsell, founder of Vend, said: “It’s great to see punters heading to Edinburgh for more than just the amazing shows in August - they’re also shopping local and clearly enjoying the local bars and hospitality. So if anyone tells you they took it easy while here, well...the data says different.”

The data shows the top 5 sales increase by store type, compared to previous three months, were as follows:

  • Drinking: 61%
  • Bakeries: 30%
  • Gift, novelty: 21%
  • Limited-service restaurants: 20%
  • Sporting goods: 13%