Odro’s video platform makes waves overseas

L-R: Ryan McCabe, Dougie Loan, Victoria Beeby and Mark Beeby of Odro

Odro’s video platform makes waves overseas

A video platform that enables thousands of recruitment interviews to take place every week is set for international expansion in 2018. 

With around one hundred recruitment agencies on its books, along with commercial and public sector clients like Capita plc and Aberdeen City Council, Odro connects candidates to job opportunities via a video platform the team believe will come to be seen as the simplest and most reliable of its kind on the market. 

Odro, led by CEO Ryan McCabe, founding director Bill Scouller and CTO, Mark Beeby, is set to embark on it first fundraising round as the team plan to open an office in London, where they already have around 30 clients.

An expansion into Europe is also planned for 2018.

Ryan McCabe, Odro CEO, said: “Over the last twelve months we’ve won over 30 London-based clients and we’ve now got customers using Odro in offices as far away as Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and Sao Paolo.  With strong client support, that’s given us the confidence to have a footprint in London that will allow us to win even more work there and to make further inroads into Europe and beyond.”

Odro recently launched a freemium product called BetterthanaCV.com, a service that will allow candidates to apply for jobs by interviewing themselves on video using popular questions and attaching the video clip to their CV.

Figures from Odro suggest that video is forecast to account for 80% of all internet traffic by 2019, with a high percentage of hiring managers saying they like a video to accompany a CV.