Spanish delegation visits Fife’s hydrogen technology

Spanish delegation visits Fife’s hydrogen technology

Logan Energy, the Edinburgh-based hydrogen specialist, welcomed a delegation from Spain to showcase its technology operating at the Levenmouth Community Energy Project.

A hydrogen-based renewable energy balancing system and two mobile Hydrogen Refuelling Stations (HRS) provide hydrogen for the project’s fleet of 17 hydrogen vehicles and balance the private wire grid for the Methil Docks Business Park.

The lessons learned from this successful real-life application over the past six months for both energy storage and transport provide Logan Energy with an insight into designing, supplying and installing hydrogen energy systems.

The visit from the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation and Calvera, a high pressure compressed gas transport and storage systems company, sought to develop collaboration for opportunities in the UK, Spain and throughout Europe.

It also cemented relationships formed during an SDI trade mission earlier this year to Zaragoza, Spain, which was organised by the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation and the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.

Bill Ireland, CEO of Logan Energy, said: “It was fantastic to welcome these two leading organisations to Scotland and showcase how the real-life application of hydrogen has been so well-established, received and successful at the Levenmouth Community Energy Project.

“Collaboration is key as we increase the role of hydrogen in the clean energy revolution.

“What we have achieved during the first six months at Levenmouth further demonstrates the huge potential of hydrogen as a standalone multisector energy resource that also supports existing energy networks.

“Going forward, we shall work with our international partners to develop opportunities to replicate these successes which will make a real difference to distributed renewable energy storage and clean transport worldwide.”

The systems generate and store hydrogen when there is excess renewable energy available. The hydrogen is then used to power a fuel cell to provide power to the private wire network at times when there is insufficient renewable energy being generated. The two HRSs are used to power Europe’s largest fleet of hydrogen hybrid vehicles which includes vans and refuse collection lorries.

The energy balancing system designed, built, and commissioned by Logan Energy comprises a 250kWe Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyser, a gas storage arrangement, 100kWe PEM fuel cell and smart control system. The relocatable HRSs are self-contained modules, based upon ISO shipping container dimensions, so they can be readily transported and easily relocated from site to site.

Up to 60kg of hydrogen is stored at the site and reconverted to electricity at times when on-site wind and solar generation is low helping to offset the intermittency of renewable energy, as well as being compressed and dispensed at 350bar for ultra-low and zero-emission hydrogen vehicles.

Logan Energy will maintain the systems for five years and will continue to gather and assess information on their performance.