Plans submitted for Queens Quay energy centre

Queens Quay

Plans submitted for Queens Quay energy centre

A planning application has been submitted for a new energy centre at Queens Quay, the £250m regeneration project on the site of the former John Brown’s shipyard in Clydebank.

The proposed Energy Centre for the District Heat Network [DHN] will form part of the first phase of development and will serve the entire Queens Quay development site and beyond, making Clydebank the greenest town in Scotland. 

Queens Quay’s District Heat Network will be the largest in Scotland and will enable energy to be captured and supplied to households and businesses directly.

The 100% carbon free system is designed on a modular basis to allow expansion, with the ability to include the nearby Golden Jubilee Hospital as well as the wider Clydebank area, making the network more efficient from both technical and financial perspectives.

Within the energy centre water source heat pumps will extract water from the River Clyde, giving the system a direct link to natural resources.  Additional piping will be located in the wider area to facilitate connections to new homes, as well as public buildings such as Clydebank College and Leisure Centre, and into the town centre.

The design of the energy centre will create an attractive landmark for the area which will complement the historic Titan Crane whilst the glazed riverfront elevation will facilitate views into the centre.

The masterplan for the development of Queens Quay was approved by West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) in March last year.  The site is owned by Clydeside Regeneration Limited (CRL) with WDC part funding the development.  Dawn Urban Regeneration Ltd is the development partner and is working in partnership with WDC to deliver the Energy Centre and the wider development.

WDC will own, operate and maintain the entire heating system, ensuring security of supply and reduced tariffs for customers.  The Scottish Government is providing £6m of funding towards the system via its Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme with WDC covering the remaining £6m.

Paul O’Donnell of Dawn Urban Regeneration Ltd said: “This development will be the first of many at Queens Quay to regenerate Clydebank’s waterfront.  As well as being a fantastic start to the project, it also promises to create a legacy for the whole of Clydebank by tackling issues such as low carbon energy from entirely renewable sources, energy security and fuel poverty.  This is the first time a system like this will be installed in Scotland and we are very excited about the prospect of getting started on site to bring this vision to fruition. 

“The system harnesses the River Clyde’s latent energy which will distribute heat to existing and new communities in the area.  It is a major development for Queens Quay and one that will benefit the residents and businesses of Clydebank and beyond for generations to come.”

The first phase of enabling works have now completed on site, two weeks ahead of schedule. The next stage of infrastructure works will commence in 2018.