Vet secures funding to expand

L TO R: Vivien Bisset (relationship manager Bank of Scotland) Ian Paterson (Partner at Broadleys Veterinary Hospital) Alastair Bruce (Partner at Broadleys Veterinary Hospital) Helen Sutton (Partner at

Stirling vet expands with Bank of Scotland funding

A Stirling-based veterinary hospital is undertaking a £1m expansion project with the help of an £800,000 funding package from the Bank of Scotland.

Broadleys Veterinary Hospital, the first ever purpose-built animal hospital in Scotland, offers highly specialised care for pets and clients, primarily in the Stirling and Dunblane area. This is carried out by a dedicated team of vets and nurses who provide the only round-the-clock care for pets in the region.

The facility is home to industry-recognised veterinary neurologists, orthopaedic surgeons, cardiologists, physiotherapists and experts in internal medicine and pain management.

The Bank of Scotland has provided the veterinary hospital with a £250,000 asset finance facility and a £550,000 loan. The loan has funded an extension to its premises with extra operating theatres, pre-op areas, imaging suites, kennels and additional office space. The expansion will see Broadleys take on new members of staff and patients.

The asset finance facility has enabled the business to purchase a CT scanner, which provides detailed images of bone and soft tissue. The scans provide valuable information on the patient’s condition to aid in diagnosing conditions and when planning complex surgeries.

Due to the high quality of care it provides, Broadleys receives patient referrals from across Scotland and the North of England and has seen its loyal client base grow continuously in recent years.

Helen Sutton, veterinary surgeon and partner at Broadleys Veterinary Hospital, said: “At Broadleys we do our utmost to ensure that we provide the best level of care. Our aim has always been to have as many resources as possible that the animals need under one roof, so that our patients can receive all the care they need in one place. The funding from the Bank of Scotland is helping us meet this goal.

“Having our own CT scanner means that the animals will be able to get the treatment they need far quicker. This will really improve the level of care that they receive.

“The expansion has helped us to compartmentalise our space – we now have a specific dental treatment suite, endoscopy suite, imaging suite and ultrasound room.

“By reorganising and adding to our space, we’re able to accommodate more animals and continue to provide a gold standard of care to all our patients.”

Alasdair Bruce, veterinary surgeon and partner at Broadleys Veterinary Hospital, said: “The veterinary sector has changed considerably in recent times, with corporate veterinary businesses now dominating the industry more than ever before. This funding has allowed us not only to maintain, but to build upon our strong standing as an independent practice in the field.”

Vivien Bisset, relationship manager at bank of scotland, said: “We know Broadleys well and it really is a centre of excellence. They’re an extremely dedicated team of professionals.

“The funding to upgrade the technology at Broadleys and to extend its premises will play a vital role in Broadleys’ mission to provide the highest quality of treatment to its patients.

“The Bank of Scotland is committed to helping Britain prosper through supporting SMEs like Broadleys, that are pillars of their community and are passionate about their work.”