David Romilly

Business Development Director: David Romilly

Operating on a different plane

Waracle is one of the UK’s largest mobile app development, internet of things (IoT) and digital solutions companies. Known for being a mobile expert, it creates some of the most-exciting mobile and IoT apps on the market.

Waracle goes back to 2008 when it began as a spin out from Abertay University. Dundee has a strong contingent of technology companies and a lot of people with technological expertise, mainly gaming, so the original aspiration was to create a gambling and gaming mobile apps and web company.

In 2013, a new chief executive, Chris Martin, brought a wealth of software development experience and the shift of the company moved into mobile app development and internet of things (IoT). In fact, Waracle became the first company to develop an app for the Scottish Government as part of its “Love Food Hate Waste” programme. Following on from this, the client base grew to include the Ryder Cup, Imperial College London and NCR.

Waracle now has proven in-depth experience across many industry sectors including fintech, scientific research, digital health, energy, transportation, luxury goods and has become a trusted partner for many of the UK’s largest brands.

The Fintech sector has become a core part of Waracle’s portfolio. It has worked in the financial services sector for many years covering mobile banking, card mobile apps, real estate, insurance, accounting and broader retail banking initiatives. It is proud to be Clydesdale Bank’s ground app development partner working in it’s building alongside it’s wider technology team.

In December 2015, Waracle became part of Edinburgh based IT consultant Exception. This enabled much faster growth enabling Waracle to hire further talent and grow the mobile app development team and expand into additional digital solutions.

As part of this growth, the Dundee headquartered company expanded with offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. It is a rapidly growing team of industry leading iOS, Android and hybrid developers, user experience designers, scrum masters, QA and app store optimisation experts.

Recently both Waracle and Exception invested in Wallet.Services as they believe blockchain will enable both intra and inter company collaboration and their combined customer base is starting to explore uses of blockchain.

Business Development Director: David Romilly says “We feel we operate on a different plane to other mobile operators in Scotland. We’ve elevated ourselves out of ‘we’ll develop you an app for your business’ to ‘we can take on a whole programme of mobile work to customers who use your app around the world.”

Taking on a whole programme of digital solutions for customers, it now sees voice control as the next major development and Waracle is expanding more into voice control, smart homes and mobile health. Already for a number of years, digital health and care has become a core part of Waracle’s portfolio and it works alongside pharmaceutical, dental, research and health organisations to develop mobile apps and technology for wearables.

It has also been working with bots and artificial intelligence (AI) for a while now and has a real interest in seeing how they
are developing.

All of this development expertise has resulted in robust engineering processes that have agile at the core. It works across platforms and languages including iOS, Android and hybrid HTML5 and provide single project support, onsite or offsite managed agile teams and optimisation.

It has the flexibility to work with small teams, as part of your own team or scale up for large projects.

Waracle has regularly been cited as an industry leading mobile app and IoT development company from independent research companies including Clutch, AppIndex and Carnival. Waracle is also in the process of becoming an IBM Watson IoT partner.

The way your business responses to ‘being mobile’ will significantly influence your future success. Waracle has the skills and expertise to help you innovate faster and deliver first-class mobile app, IoT and digital solutions.

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