Software set to generate interest from offshore windfarms

Alexander MacLeod

Software set to generate interest from offshore windfarms

An Aberdeen project planning consultancy has developed a tool that aims to save offshore wind farm owners time and money, while also increasing productivity.

Cambla, based in St Mary’s Court, Huntly Street, is now looking for a renewables owner to test its Repeater software for free, using the feedback given to ensure the program arms the industry with precisely what it needs before taking it to market in spring.

The firm, which has been helped by Business Gateway Aberdeen City & Shire, has spent the last year developing the tool, which allows businesses to rapidly model the construction of each project so they can make informed decisions when selecting the final scheme based on logistics and budget.

The software not only saves owners time at the early stages of project development, it has the potential to provide more options to be reviewed.

Alexander MacLeod, owner, Cambla, said: “Our focus has traditionally been on the oil and gas industry, but during the downturn we realised we needed to look for opportunities to diversify because when the oil runs out, it runs out. Renewable projects by their nature are cyclical, and in 25 years’ time turbines will need to be replaced and the whole project planning process will start again. That highlighted an opportunity for us to develop a tool specifically for the offshore renewables market.

“Repeater is multifaceted and has been designed to help companies take a project forward quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively from the very early logistical stages right through to installation. One key feature allows projects to create a complete installation schedule based on a template for a single turbine that is repeated and automatically makes dependencies between each turbine and calculates weather impacts. This takes a matter of minutes.

“The software has been developed as far as it can. Now it needs to be tested in a real-world situation, and that is why we are looking for a company to use the technology for free so we can use their feedback to refine it.”

Gordon Mackay, Business Gateway, said: “A lot of businesses in oil and gas never had to think about sales, but following the downturn, they have had to change how they operate and differentiate themselves. Thanks to our support and the recent sales advice Alexander has been given he has restructured his sales process and is confident that, coupled with the unique software they have developed, they will achieve their desired growth over the coming years.”