Scottish cyber entrepreneur returns with data security breakthrough

Scottish cyber entrepreneur returns with data security breakthrough

Cyber security entrepreneur Dr David Lanc has launched a next-generation company to combat global cyber theft of data. The company aims to enter the market in second half of 2018.

Cyborn, based in Edinburgh, will develop its products in UK and China, deploying Cloud computing infrastructure to build its ‘quantum fragmentation’ and ‘stealth distribution’ platform to protect data.

"I've spent the last three months intensively re-examining my life’s work in online security. In particular, how data and identity security can use Cloud computing advances. The convergence of the “multi-Cloud” world and Internet of Things (IoT), where data is stored across multiple devices, forces us to invent a new way to secure data. With GDPR on the horizon, it is imperative we know where data is stored and how safe it is.’’

“I also set out to innovate a more energy and carbon efficient approach; one designed to perform faster, at lower cost, and with greater stealth than ever before, one that gives organisations a cost-effective, efficient and easy way to integrate global Cloud resources without compromising security. In balancing the above, we’ve invented a revolutionary way that works today and in a future full of IoT devices. You no longer need massive hardware investment, or high-cost, processor-intensive monitoring. I believe our breakthroughs in 'quantum fragmentation' and 'stealth distribution' are world firsts. Our ‘active’ security brings a completely new, multi-Cloud dimension to secure data. It provides a unique solution for organisations interested in Cloud and IoT but worried about how customer data stored in multiple Cloud vendors or stored on devices could be compromised. Our technical advances give us the opportunity to invent a completely new layer of cyber security.’’

Cyborn products should be superior in scalability, security, cost and performance. They should also be resilient to future Quantum and Edge computing threats, providing next level security that is 'Beyond Encryption'.

Dr Lanc, a former executive with RBS, said: “Like many entrepreneurs before me, I’ve had to dust down and face starting again. It was with this clearer sense that I began to focus on the innovation and the opportunities that technologists around the world must grasp to make us all safer and more secure.’’

Cyborn has a management team of six, and is developing its innovation in Scotland and in China. The company plans to scale up once it has interested global partners in place. Dr Lanc is planning a trip to Silicon Valley in spring to meet several cyber-security businesses and OEMs interested in Cyborn’s innovation. Cyborn has attracted start-up funding from the United States and is looking to licence its technology to organisations anxious to increase their security.