CMA to expand in Scotland


CMA to expand in Scotland

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is set for a significant increase to its Scottish team.

The CMA aims to grow its Edinburgh contingent to around 25-30 employees, with ambitions to grow further, so it can build its talent base and prepare for the UK’s Exit from the EU.

Brexit is expected to increase its merger reviews and investigations into cartels and other anti-competitive behaviours as work previously led from Brussels comes to the UK.

It will allow the CMA to build even stronger relationships with consumer and business groups, other regulators in Scotland as well as the Scottish Government and Parliament, and increase its capability to carry out UK-wide projects from Scotland.

Chief executive Andrea Coscelli said: "It is essential that the Competition and Markets Authority has a presence right across the United Kingdom, so we can make sure competition is working for people, businesses and the economy in every corner of the nation.

“Though we already have a great team in Scotland, by expanding our numbers we can go further to understand the concerns and issues affecting ordinary people. 

“And as we prepare to leave the European Union, it has never been more important for the UK’s competition authority to grow its talent base.”

Keith Brown, economy secretary for the Scottish Government who will meet the CMA Board in Edinburgh on 30 January, commented: “The CMA’s expansion in Scotland is a clear sign of its commitment to taking action and making the market fair for consumers and businesses.

“It’s a move I’ve championed and provides real opportunity to benefit Scotland’s economy by identifying and tackling the problems faced here by our consumers and businesses. 

“This will support our on-going work around the collaborative economy and ensure that we continue to develop our approach to consumer, competition and regulatory policy.”