Aberdeen named best place to start a business


Aberdeen named best place to start a business

Aberdeen has been named as the best place in the UK to start a business, in research conducted by card payment provider, Paymentsense.

The Scottish city was recognised for its roots in the fishing, textiles, and shipbuilding industries, as well as its current focus on electronics design and development.

Paymentsense conducted research about the business climate in each city in the UK, looking at business demography, the UK labour market, and the local cost of living.

By taking into consideration different factors, such as the self-employment rate and average utility bills, they then ranked the best 15 cities that offer the best conditions for start-ups and new businesses.

Obviously, location is an important factor in determining a start-up’s success – businesses need to situate themselves in a place that makes it convenient for them to carry out their services, while making it easy for customers to access them.

Guy Moreve, head of marketing at Paymentsense, said: “It’s all about getting the right balance. You need to find somewhere that fits in with your target demographic, but is also sustainable for you.

Aberdeen was closely followed in the list by Bath and Brighton, with Leicester and Edinburgh also making the top five.

Guy Moreve continued: “The cities we’ve outlined stand out because they are places that already have an established business community with a pool of potential customers, and yet they still have potential for further growth. To be successful, entrepreneurs need to find their niche within these places, put together a comprehensive plan, and work hard to execute it.”