Novarum secures US patent for smartphone diagnostics technology

Novarum secures US patent for smartphone diagnostics tech

Edinburgh-based Novarum™ DX has been officially granted a patent for its smartphone diagnostic technology in the United States.

Part of BBI Solutions, Novarum has developed image capture technology which transforms a smartphone into a diagnostic reader to deliver accurate test results, of lab-quality, directly from the point of care.

The US patent 9,903,857 was officially granted at a time when the smartphone diagnostic specialist had achieved a significant milestone with the equivalent European patent. Novarum attended oral proceedings at the European Patent Office last month and it was concluded that their filed application for this territory will also be granted in 2018. 

Novarum Founder and BBI Group head of mobile, Dr Neil Polwart commented on the double patent success: “This consolidates our intellectual property position in key strategic markets and confirms our belief that we are leaders in bringing mobile technology to the diagnostics market. The allowance of these applications is key technology for enabling a mobile device to read diagnostic tests, without adding any additional hardware. Both patent offices have recognised the novelty and inventiveness of the solution Novarum developed back in 2011, which corrects for the inevitable misalignment when a user scans a test with a handheld device.”

The latest announcement builds upon Novarum’ s patent success in China, Japan and Russia with a number of other territories pending. Represented by HGF Ltd, Novarum filed an additional patent application in 2017 protecting further aspects of its technology. 

Dr Polwart continued: “As well as a huge bank of technical know-how related to solving the problems of reading diagnostic tests with the mobile phone in your pocket, rather than specialist equipment, we have built a sophisticated library of technology which helps us deploy more robust products into the field - faster than ever before.  Accuracy of measurement and ease-of-use are essentially impossible to combine without our technology, or adding cumbersome device-specific hardware accessories to your phone.   

BBI Group CEO, Mario Gualano said: “We were delighted to receive word about Novarum’s pending patent applications. An increasing number of in-vitro diagnostics companies are embracing the disruptive technology of mobile and embarking upon mHealth strategies. Novarum continues to remain at the forefront of technologies for next generation diagnostics and that is essential in support of our ambitious plans for growth.”