BrewDog's Pink IPA

BrewDog launches Pink IPA to take aim at the gender pay gap

Punk brewer BrewDog has launched a special edition version of its Punk IPA in order to help raise awareness of and tackle gender pay inequality.

To coincide with International Women's Day on Thursday (8 Mar), BrewDog has launched a pink labelled version of its traditional Punk IPA.

The brewer has kept the beer inside exactly the same but has changed the branding on the outside to reflect the situation around the world relating to gender imbalance.

BrewDog, which prides itself on creating a workplace free of inequality, hopes the Pink IPA will help raise awareness of gender inequality and support charities working to tackle the problem.

In line with this, 20% of the proceeds from Punk IPA and Pink IPA sold over the next four weeks will be donated to charities that fight inequality and support women.

In the UK for example, BrewDog is supporting the Women’s Engineering Society and in America, where the pay gap is 19%, the charity receiving that portion of proceeds will be 9to5.

What’s more, people who identify as female will be able to pick up Pink IPA in any BrewDog bar for 20% less.