Connect2Renewables to deliver £100m boost to South Lanarkshire

Connect2Renewables to deliver £100m boost to South Lanarkshire

An initiative that prioritises local communities and businesses is on the way to delivering an estimated £101m boost to the South Lanarkshire economy.

Connect2Renewables (C2R) was launched in 2014 by Banks Renewables with the support of local communities in South Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire Council, and seeks to maximise the social and economic benefits of the Company’s wind farm developments in the local area. 

The 88MW Kype Muir Wind Farm south of Strathaven, which is currently under construction,  is estimated to be worth more than £100m to the local economy.

To date, nearly £20m of contracts have been let to firms based within 30km of the Kype Muir wind farm.

Local firms that have benefited from large contracts include Drumclog Plant Hire, Hillhouse Quarry Ltd and KT Montgomery.

Colin Anderson, development director of Banks Renewables, said: “We’re very proud to know that the work we carry out will have long lasting and significant benefits for the local area.

“A key part of Connect2Renewables is to ensure we use as many local contractors as possible, as we know this has a hugely positive knock on effect for the local economy and the people living and working there.

“The construction of Kype Muir Wind Farm will positively contribute to the area for a generation, with local community groups, shops, businesses and individuals seeing tangible benefits.”

Banks will also work with South Lanarkshire Council and the local communities to maximise the benefits delivered by the £11.5m of direct community funding flowing from the project.

Kype Muir Wind Farm will contribute nearly £30m in business rates over its lifetime that will support South Lanarkshire Council to provide high quality services to the communities of South Lanarkshire.

Colin continued: “Connect2Renewables is a ground-breaking initiative that is all about giving local people opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have. It also shows that as we increase the amount of clean, renewable energy in our Country to address the climate change imperatives, that we can do it in a way that has very clear social and economic upsides for our communities and businesses.

Construction works, including turbine erection, and connecting the wind farm to the National Grid, are programmed to be completed by early 2019.