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Selling sushi to Japan
Jo Dow
Mark Stanton
Hannah Drakard
James Watt

James Watt "Captain" at BewDog

A dog's tale

BrewDog has grown from a microbrewer into one of the most dynamic drinks businesses in the UK. James Watt tells Peter Ranscombe how the brewer has managed to retain its punk ethos while employing more than 1,000 people.

Leah Hutcheon

Leah Hutcheon couldn’t find time to book a haircut and so she invented Appointedd

Right on time

Leah Hutcheon couldn’t find time to book a haircut and so she invented Appointedd, a piece of software that’s helped scores of small businesses to book appointments for their customers and which is now securing international deals, as Peter Ranscombe finds out.

Meet the MD: Chris Irwin, EdStart

Chris Irwin

Meet the MD: Chris Irwin, EdStart

Ten years after starting EdStart, MD and former professional rugby player Chris Irwin is rolling out a franchise programme to grow his business.

Peter Westerman

Peter Westerman of Westerman's International

A global Britain beckons

At 80 years old, entrepreneur Peter Westerman has been full-circle in terms of Britain’s involvement with the EU. He tells BQ why it’s now more important than ever for British businesses to seize overseas opportunities.

HiyaCar: The Atom Collection

HiyaCar: The Atom Collection

Inspired by Atom Bank’s disruptive approach to business banking, BQ learns more about HiyaCar, the car hire disruptors with a personal approach to a traditionally cold industry, whose journey together in business began with a twist of (summer) fete.
Stuart Cassells

Stuart Cassells

Visitors are toasting Scotland’s success

Scotland’s distilleries and breweries export their drinks around the world, but many also value the importance of welcoming guests into their visitor centres so they can learn more about their favourite tipples.