James Watt

James Watt "Captain" at BewDog

A dog's tale

BrewDog has grown from a microbrewer into one of the most dynamic drinks businesses in the UK. James Watt tells Peter Ranscombe how the brewer has managed to retain its punk ethos while employing more than 1,000 people.

Rebecca Jeffery

Rebecca Jeffery

‘I’m not a tw*t’

Maria McGeoghan meets Rebecca Jeffery, the contestant who thinks she was fired from BBC One’s The Apprentice for not being ‘enough of a tw*t’.

Layla Bennett

Layla Bennett

Spreading her wings

Watching a sparrow hawk on her bird table as a child inspired Layla Bennett to launch Hawksdrift, which uses birds of prey to manage gulls. Maria McGeoghan finds out more about her plans to grow the business.

Fred Story

Fred Story

Success story

Thirty years ago, Fred Story built his first house. Since then he has expanded his businesses, owned a football club, won countless awards and given thousands of pounds back to communities. Paul Robertson charts his remarkable career.

Asad Hamir

Asad Hamir

Bringing the future into focus

Steve Dyson meets Asad Hamir, an entrepreneur who is turning the dreary world of the opticians’ practice into customer-friendly ‘eyewear boutiques’.

Proper Nutty

Stuart and Kathryn Franklin

Spreading the word

Mike Hughes plans his next sandwich, while talking to peanut butter producer Kathryn Franklin.

Janan Leo

Janan Leo

Head over heels

Ten years ago, Janan Leo’s high heels were so painful that she made prototype ‘bendy shoes’ using thick socks and rubber. Today, her foldable footwear sales exceed £1m a year, as Steve Dyson finds out.

John Begley

Elemental Cars founder John Begley

Life in the fast lane

Elemental Cars is fast making a name for itself on both the track and the road. Mike Hughes compares cars with founder John Begley and loses – quite badly.

Cheeky Chompers

Amy Livingstone and Julie Wilson of Cheeky Chompers

Baby talk

Amy Livingstone and Julie Wilson explain how starting their families also led to them launching their Cheeky Chompers business, writes Peter Ranscombe.

Paul Fairburn

Paul Fairburn, director of enterprise and innovation at Coventry University

Creating better futures through enterprise and innovation

Paul Fairburn, director of enterprise and innovation at Coventry University, explains how his team are forging, encouraging and developing relationships with companies from across the UK and beyond.

Ben Lawton

Ben Lawton

Game on

Ben Lawton tells Mike Hughes how he turned an idea into a hobby and then into a business that’s now the biggest of its kind in Europe and has just landed a deal with a retail giant.

Vikki Jackson-Smith

Vikki Jackson-Smith

Genie in the bottles

Vikki Jackson-Smith turns rubbish into profits as managing director of J&B Recycling. She tells Liz Hands why waste is a growth industry.