Jonathan Walker

Jonathan Walker of Gambaru gym

Mind over matter

Cancer has ruined and cut short so many lives. But fighting back from it can unlock deep, deep resources and be a beginning rather than an end. Jonathan Walker tells Mike Hughes about the effect it had on him and his Gambaru gym business.

Siobhan Cook

Siobhan Cook

Brick by brick

Siobhan Cook, managing director at property firm Archco, is building a slice of Essex, development by development. Mike Hughes meets the boss whose company has just recorded growth of 1,532%.

Tim Viney

Tim Viney

A mapper of life and death

Atlantic Geomatics is embarking on an innovative project to map every single plot of each graveyard in England and in doing so double the size of the business. Founder and chief executive Tim Viney explains all to Paul Robertson.

Kasim Ali

Kasim Ali, founder of Waterloo Tea Company

Time for tea

Maria McGeoghan sits down for a chat with Kasim Ali, founder of the Waterloo Tea Company, which is expanding its chain of shops across South Wales and extoling the virtues of a proper cuppa.

Robert Epstein

Robert Epstein, Windows product marketing director at Microsoft

Windows of opportunity

Robert Epstein, Windows product marketing director at Microsoft, tells Mike Hughes how the partnership strategy of Bill Gates and Paul Allen 42 years ago is still at the heart of the company.

James Yu

Brother and sister team, James and Belinda Yu

It's in the bag

Brother and sister James and Belinda Yu used advice from an experienced entrepreneur to help them transform their wicker handbag business, moving it up the value chain while retaining their philanthropic outlook, as Janet Tansley discovers.

Richard Pierce

Richard Pierce

We all scream for ice cream

He’s sold 40 million-plus scoops of Italian-made gelato in the UK. Steve Dyson samples a few of Joe Delucci’s flavours with owner Richard Pierce.

James and Henry Deakin

James and Henry Deakin

The creators of £1m cufflinks

They make posh cufflinks for everyone from rock stars to royalty from their historic base in Birmingham, but they remain one of the UK’s best-kept secrets. Jon Griffin meets Deakin and Francis directors James and Henry Deakin.

Henrietta Morrison

Henrietta Morrison

A real dog's dinner

All dog owners are guilty of saving small portions of their dinners for their pooches to enjoy. But, for Henrietta Morrison, cooking for her pet has become a £30m business. Steve Dyson reports.

Anna Frankowska

Anna Frankowska

It’s my party

Ever fancied going out but decided against it because you’re unsure how good the venue might be? The new Nightset app could solve all your problems, as Steve Dyson finds out from the entrepreneur behind it, Anna Frankowska.

Birmingham Airport

Paul Kehoe, chief executive of Birmingham Airport, pictured with British Airways’ Captain Richard Humphreys, first officer Claudia Zonneyville and cabin crew Rina Ottsman and Michael Fish

Improving airport attracts British Airways

With more than £100m invested in improved passenger services and plans for new hotels, British Airways has decided to return to Birmingham Airport. Steve Dyson reports.