Sheridan's future takes entrepreneurial shape

Sheridan's future takes entrepreneurial shape

A teenage fitness enthusiast has taken inspiration from her parents and college tutors to turn her passion into her livelihood.

Sheridan Mordew, who is 19 and from Hebburn, set up her own fitness business Shape up with Sher after studying business studies at Gateshead College and becoming president of  the Northern Stars enterprise society – an initiative within the college that supports budding entrepreneurs to start and grow businesses.

Since setting up her business almost a year ago, Sheridan, who is a qualified personal trainer, has helped over 600 people across the UK with their health and fitness goals with her online nutrition and exercise programmes, as well as more than 100 people locally.

Sheridan has also established herself as a leading personal and group trainer in her area, working both mobile and from Fitness 2000 gym in Sunderland.

Sheridan said: “I was originally inspired by my parents, who both have run their own businesses. I enrolled on the course at Gateshead College to learn more about business and how to run one independently and successfully. I always wanted to be my own boss so I could push myself, make my own decisions and be in charge of my own workload and earnings.

“My college course taught me a lot about different aspects of business, including how to manage finances, how to market your product or service and when to expect busy and quieter times for different industries. The Northern Stars also taught me a lot about networking, how to be professional and how to develop important people skills, which I think are essential if you want to be a successful business person.”

“I am looking forward to growing my empire, helping others achieve their health and fitness goals and continuing with creating an ecommerce website and developing both my programmes and nutrition plans.”

Kevin Marston, assistant principal for curriculum innovation, said: “Sheridan’s passion for business has always been evident, especially in her work as president of the Northern Stars. It is fantastic to see her business doing so well with no signs of slowing down. She has been incredibly innovative and business minded in creating online programmes and utilising the popularity of social media.

“Sheridan’s endorsement of the Northern Stars enterprise society supports the fact that Gateshead College helps its students set up their own business by guiding them through the process stage by stage and planning every step to ensure that their business ideas reap commercial awards.”