Birmingham and Cardiff come in joint second place for top start-ups

Birmingham and Cardiff come in joint second place for top start-ups

Birmingham and Cardiff are the best places outside London for top start-ups, according to research conducted by office supply company Viking.

Based upon the last three years of data from the Startups 100 Rankings, Viking has tracked the locations and industries of the UK’s top start-ups.

As some of the country's top start-ups have made their way onto the list for multiple years in a row, this research takes into account a total of 234 different companies.

Though the vote to leave the European Union was said to throw London's economic future into uncertainty, it may be more a case of out with the old and in with the new.

According to Viking’s map, London is still something of a haven for UK start-ups with as many as 16 of the best start-ups in the country all within 500m of each other in one area of the city.

The map below shows where you’ll find the top start-ups in the UK:

Overall, London is the home to 68% of all start-up companies on the list.

On a national level, England is dominating the start-up market, where all but ten of the UK’s best start-ups reside.

Because of the dominance of London, and the inclusion of Wales, the South holds vastly more top start-ups than the North.

But despite London being the top dog by a country mile, other cities have also shone through in the research.

Birmingham and Cardiff rank second behind London having both been the birthplace of five top start-ups.

Among the research, Viking also looked at which industries are providing the best new companies and which are lacking.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, technology topped the list. This was largely due an increase in the amount of local search and comparison sites helping the public find deals on everything from new cars to cleaners.

Food and retail were also strong industries with an increase in subscription based services such as craft gins, coffee, locally sourced meat, and healthy snack home deliveries.

On the other side of the coin, legal, travel, recruitment, and education were some of the lower-performing industries.

This research was provided by Viking-direct, an office supply mail order catalogue company that was founded in 1960. The original article can be found on Viking's blog, here.