Continental translation

Continental translation

Andy Hobson, Fantastic Media, is impressed by the Bentley Continental GT he took out on the road.

Y8mots main2I was intrigued to review the new Bentley Continental GT. As someone who eats, sleeps and breathes brands, you can’t fail to hold Bentley in high esteem. For me it’s always been synonymous with quality and luxury based on the history and heritage of Bentley, so I was hoping the new model would live up to my expectations.

The Continental GT has some very subtle upgrades to its appearance. The wider stance, more chiselled crease lines and aggressive tailgate are the giveaways that this model has evolved. I’m pleased however that VW haven’t strayed too far away from Bentley’s original looks and values. The elegant interior can’t fail to impress, with the smell of the soft leather seats – beautifully stitched – you really get the impression that this is a hand-made car, individually built just for you.

The comfort can’t be questioned as the GT really does wrap itself around you and envelop you in luxury. Once I finally got out onto the road the tightness of the handling made the drive enjoyable and exhilarating. I have to admit I wasn’t prepared for the sportiness and unbelievable power of the GT. The quietness of the engine lulls you into a false sense that the drive will be sedate and composed, whereas in actual fact it is dynamic, commanding, and sleek. I was informed that the GT has the biggest production brakes of any car currently on the market, and on a drive which took in Holme Moss, Snake Pass and a sharp right to Dumford Bridge, I tested these out in the real world. Again the GT handled nicely, the brakes were responsive yet smooth and the experience didn’t disappoint.

The car certainly causes a stir in town with the older generation stopping to look; as if reminded of when Bentley meant the best of British engineering, and younger admirers stealing an envious glance as the GT glides quietly by. On the whole I felt that the GT is appealing for a number of reasons: It’s an accessible option, to be considered with other luxury cars where Bentley was once out of reach to anyone other that the elite.

It’s sophisticated yet aggressive and deceptively powerful. For me, the main draw of the Continental GT is that by buying this car you are, in essence, buying a piece of British history and helping to uphold the values of an historic British brand – not forgetting it is now owned by VW!

Andy Hobson, Managing Director of Fantastic Media test drove the Bentley Continental GT, from £135,760 on the road, supplied by Bentley Leeds, 102 Gelderd Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS12 6BY, 0844 844 3117