A taste of what might have been

A taste of what might have been

In other circumstances Liz Foster, managing director of insurance broker Ingram Hawkins & Nock (IHN), would have been a loyal BMW 6 series driver. BQ gave her the chance to see what she’s missing
Given the opportunity to test drive a BMW 640 for a long weekend, I was not going to say no. Before I bought my current car I had toyed with the idea of a 6 series and dismissed it as impractical for my lifestyle – busy housewife and mum, carer to a relative with disabilities and full time head of a thriving company.

This was my chance then to drive that car and on a very warm and sunny morning a gleaming dark blue/black BMW F13 640d M Spirit Coupé with cream leather interior arrived outside my office door. It looked fabulous and after being shown the ‘flight deck’ all I wanted to do was start driving.

My drive home from the office, which takes about 50 minutes and covers dual carriageways, motorways and country lanes, on this evening was an absolute pleasure. The seats were oh so comfortable, visibility brilliant, while handling was very secure and temperature control, perfect.

Over the weekend I had ample opportunity to test the manoeuvrability and steering in my usual shopping locations – covering everything from tight village car parks to wide open spaces - and nothing challenged this lovely car, or its driver! I like to “drive” my car and it was such a joy to feel the car accelerate away, smoothly and quietly, taking me past parked vehicles or overtaking motorway traffic and always feeling safe and confident.

Taking corners and bends, the car handled beautifully and at no time did I feel anything other than totally confident. It didn’t take me long to get used to the auto stop/start functionality and to appreciate the fuel efficiencies and climate advantages it must provide.

When will all cars include such important technology? And about that ‘flight deck’; it was very clear, very logical and, more importantly, when driving, easily operated. The communications pack, with the all too important Sat Nav and telephone, was comprehensive and user friendly.

I really liked the parking alarm and even more so the ‘reversing screen’ which despite me being used to wing mirrors which dip when reversing, I quickly got used to and found to be an improvement on those dipping
wing mirrors.

So would I swap my current large workhorse for this fabulous looking, smooth riding and enjoyable BMW?

Actually, no, because of the practicalities of my lifestyle and the vehicle specification that demands. Would I like a BMW 640d M Sport Coupé – oh yes!

The car Liz drove was a 640d M Sport Coupe with a RRP including VAT price of £71,050. It was supplied by Sytner Birmingham BMW, 20 Parade, Summerhill, Birmingham, B1 3QJ. Tel 0121 2346000