In a league of its own

In a league of its own

Former England and Wolves footballer and Cure Leukaemia patron Geoff Thomas is wowed by the new Aston Martin Rapide S Coupe

I received a phone call followed by a detailed email asking if I would be available to drive an Aston Martin Rapide S Coupe for the day then write about my experience for BQ Magazine.

At 9 o’clock sharp I turned up at Gaydon, the headquarters of Aston Martin, with my wife Julie to keep me company for the day. After a 15 minute introduction to the workings of the car we were let loose.

We sat there for a while looking at the quality of the interior. Suede and leather from head to toe made you realise straight away the quality of this machine. The instrument panel was very well laid out. The first surprise was the room in the back. Two seats, full size with plenty of head and leg room. So is this really a sports car?  

We got that answer when I put the key into the ignition. Straight away there was a scream from the exhaust that just made us both smile with excitement. Carefully, we left the car park and drove through the security gates heading towards the Cotswolds. After a few miles of driving like Miss Daisy we joined the M40. Inside lane, middle, outside lane then wow.

Astonmartin Montage

Pressure on the right peddle threw both our heads into the headrests, with each gear change (of which there are eight) there was a little jolt taking you to the next level of power. There was plenty left but that was enough to let us know that this is without doubt a sports car.

Time to take to the country lanes through the land of Shakespeare. With a press of a button you had the choice of different driving experiences and surfaces. We just had it set to a comfortable drive. This still gave you the confidence on bends but also allowed the car to drive over rougher roads without you or the passenger feeling any discomfort at all. Everything felt first class.

We stopped for lunch at the beautiful Dormy House Hotel near Broadway. First test, parking! Visibility is not great out of the back window but this is rectified by a screen that pops up out of the dashboard as soon as you go into reverse (this also doubles up as your SatNav screen). A clear picture with guide lines then guides you safely to your stop.

After lunch we drove up and down Fish Hill, a climb that looks and feels like a road in the Alps. I just can’t imagine anyone ever getting bored with that growl from the engine as you escape each turn. We went through Stow-on-the-Wold where the car turned a number of heads. Time was flying by. It was nearly time to return to Gaydon but not before one final check of the car. We parked on a nice quiet country lane to look around and admire the inside and out. A Bang & Olufsen sound system with speakers that appeared from the dashboard just added to the whole experience. I could go on and on.

Before handing the car back I had a few pictures taken with the car. Only now did I ask how much the car was worth. £162,785.00! No wonder I felt a little sad my time was up but I’ve got to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of driving such an iconic car.

BQ West Midlands would like to thank Aston Martin for kindly donating an
Aston Martin Rapide S Coupe. The on the road price is £147,950.00 to include options £162,785.00.  
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