Finally living the 'school boy' dream

Finally living the 'school boy' dream

George Jennings, Associate at property advisers GVA Birmingham, is wowed by the Bentley Continental GT V8 S convertible.

I’m a big kid at heart and driving a £210,000 super-car is every school boy’s dream – and the Bentley Continental certainly lived up to the fantasy.

Whilst I only drive around 12,000 miles a year for my job, I’d be more than happy to hand over the keys to my 6 Series BMW and drive into the office in the Bentley Continental every day as, frankly, the journey to and from work would be a joy.

Bentley 02It would be fair to say I felt a little exposed at times, especially when stopping at traffic lights and feeling as though all eyes were on me when, in actual fact, all eyes were on the car – and let’s be honest, who could blame them.

The sleek leather interior and exquisite contrast stitching is exactly what you’d expect from a car of this calibre, with all the seats embossed with the Bentley logo. With its bold colour, in this case Kingfisher blue, its silver edging, contrast gloss exterior mirrors and the specially designed 20’’ open-spoke dark tinted wheels, this car stands out amongst its competitors.

With plenty of room for four adults and space for the golf clubs, this car is like a comfortable armchair, albeit one that provides a plethora of exciting mod cons to keep you thoroughly entertained. The Bluetooth telephone system is unbeatable, the GPS tracking system doesn’t miss a trick and with ventilated front seats with massage function, you really are spoilt.

The Continental isn’t all style over substance either, with the impressive 4 litre, twin turbocharged V8 engine taking the car from 0 – 60mph in 4.5-seconds and 191-mph top speed, which for a 2.5 tonne car, is exceptional.

I found myself on the search for as many tunnels as possible so I could embrace my inner child and hear the upgraded exhaust system roar, something which would put a smile on anyone’s face.

After being initially nervous about driving an unfamiliar car in icy conditions (with a £5k personal excess looming over my head) the car’s impressive sports suspension and 4 wheel drive quickly put me at ease, making the car feel rigid and ready to tackle any corner.

Bentley 03

The Bentley Continental also proved to be very fuel efficient, with the engine switching off four of its eight cylinders when cruising through residential areas to reduce energy wastage, and then switching them back on as soon as you hit the right pedal, giving you added power the split second you need it.

For me, the Bentley Continental would be much more at home in the South of France, in the sunshine, with the roof off and the windows down. It’s a car that feels like it would be perfect for driving through the town before picking up the pace along those long stretches of coastal road.

I went into a experience anticipating a swift drive in car that I had preconceptions of being just a grand tourer rather than a sports car, but I was more than happy to let the car sway my perception – and it certainly did that.

The Bentley Continental does everything a Porsche 991 can do and more and, if I forward think five years, I’ll happily have this as my future drive of choice – sitting in my garage alongside the 991 of course!

BQ would like to thank Bentley Birmingham for donating the GT V8 S Convertible driven by George Jennings. The OTR price including all optional extras is £210,000. 
For more information please contact Mark Hudson, Head of Business, Bentley Birmingham, 2 Wingfoot Way, Fort Parkway, Birmingham, West Midlands, B24 9HF.

T: 0121 448 8146. E: