UK’s first Autonomous Road Sweeper is being developed in the Midlands

UK’s first Autonomous Road Sweeper is being developed in the Midlands

Westfield Autonomous Vehicles, Johnston Sweepers and Fusion Processing Ltd are joining forces to make the UK’s first fully autonomous pure electric road sweeper.

The three organisations aim is to automate the repetitive sweeping process in precincts and pedestrian areas, keeping the environment clear of litter and debris.

The autonomous machines will also be able to report and remove foreign objects in safety-critical environments such as airside at airports and in live roadworks projects, reducing the risk of punctures and associated delays.

Westfield Chief Executive Officer Julian Turner said: “A fully autonomous road sweeper could revolutionise town centre sweeping, improving the environment for residents and businesses, and this is an exciting opportunity to develop the technology for use at airports and on roadwork sites.

“We are delighted to work with these two organisations at the forefront of advancing these pioneering applications.”

The project aims to produce a cleaner technology to reduce the harmful environmental impacts of road sweeping and improve safety for all.

Westfield Autonomous Vehicles is a subsidiary of sports can manufacturer, Westfield Sports Cars, which has operated out of Kingswinford, Dudley, since 1982.

Johnston Sweepers is the largest manufacturer of outdoor surface cleaning equipment in the UK, producing and exporting sweepers all over the world from its manufacturing plant in Dorking, Surrey. 

Founded in 1904, Johnston Sweepers is a major global business, with more than 200 distributors worldwide.

Fusion Processing Ltd was founded in 2012 with the aim of utilising radar and machine vision expertise, together with in-depth knowledge of leading edge processor technology, to provide a step change in automotive and transport related products.