Do Welsh firms know enough about digital marketing?

WATERS founder Rachael Wheatley (right) with co-director Rhian East

Do Welsh firms know enough about digital marketing?

Government goes on the road to encourage businesses to focus on new strategies

Digital marketing is becoming a key weapon for Welsh firms battling through tough international markets.

Budgets are being stretched and diverted as firms focus on digital technology such as Google, social media, email and websites to find new and refreshed ways of connecting with their customers.

The Welsh Government is playing a key role in bringing an important level of focus to the issue, and still sees plenty of room for improvement in how firms are digital-centric.

Superfast Business Wales is one of its fully-funded support services designed to help small and medium sized businesses exploit the array of digital technologies available to retain and grow its customer base, boost sales and profits, reduce costs, get ahead of competitors and accelerate growth.

It is holding a series of masterclasses around the country – starting today at the Anglesey Business Centre – to tackle key issues such as online marketing tools and platforms, digital strategies, e-marketing and SEO.

An SBW spokesman said: “There is an on-going debate as to whether digital marketing has overtaken traditional marketing in terms of effectiveness and return on investment. Whether it’s physical magazines reverting to online-only publications or disruptive brands such as Netflix and Uber changing the business landscape, it’s easy to see how digital is changing the way businesses manage and market themselves.

“Traditional marketing has many different facets and often includes physical items such as print advertising in newspapers, business cards, posters and brochures. It also includes advertising through TV, radio and billboards. Ultimately, traditional marketing is anything that isn’t digital which is used to promote your brand.”

Rachael Wheatley, founder of WATERS, a marketing company based in Swansea, said: “The digital marketing world is getting bigger and bigger and grows at a faster rate every day, and this is something businesses need to appreciate.

“Organisations should be working toward ensuring their digital marketing strategy is being firstly created, and then implemented effectively. There are so many complexities associated with digital marketing as it is still a relatively new concept, and so it continues to evolve and change – even on a daily basis.”