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TCG signs its distribution agreement with Health Waste Technologies

Trade mission success for TCG

Tim Hourahine, technical and compliance manager at TCG Ltd, explains how a recent trade mission helped the Welsh manufacturer break into the Asian market.

Thermal Compaction Group is a Welsh manufacturing company focused on developing sustainable waste solutions.

The company manufactures and supplies sustainable recycling machines, mostly for difficult plastics such as expanded polystyrene and clinical sterilisation wrap used in operating theatres.

As Hourahine explains: “Quite simply we densify the waste plastics by up to 90%, divert it from landfill and incineration and in turn creating a revenue for the client.

“This is done using our patented thermal compaction technology which is safe for the environment and sustainable for the client by selling the processed blocks back into the UK supply chain. It’s a true circular economy.”

The TCG team is made up of researchers, engineers and experienced business owners who have a joint vision to help create a greener future.

Its technology, which is still under wraps, is patent-protected and after a long period of intense research and development, is set to hit the market in the next few weeks.

“The first production model is still under construction and is due to be delivered to Aneurin Bevan UHB in Newport in the next few weeks,” Hourahine said.

“This will hopefully be the springboard for a rapid global launch to hospitals across the world, all of who will benefit from this unique world first innovative process.”

Ahead of the launch, Hourahine joined a delegation of staff from TCG on a recent trade mission to Singapore, which was headed up by the Welsh Government’s international trade team.

A total of 15 businesses from sectors including the creative industries, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, ICT and food and drink, were among those to participate.

Singapore is a leading global business hub, located where the major east and west shipping lanes converge.

The nation accounts for half of UK exports to ASEAN, worth £5.6bn in 2014, although some will be re-exported elsewhere.

And for the TCG team, the mission proved a massive success, after securing a deal to supply its innovative machines to an Asian supplier based in Melbourne, Australia.

“The mission was a huge success for TCG and our new Asian distributors Health Waste Technologies based in Melbourne,” Tim said.

“This will have significant growth impact for us as a company and get us into the export markets quicker than we can get into our own NHS systems.

“We found out about the trade mission from Welsh Government employee Hayley Vincent, who is part of the overseas team.

“Our managing director asked us to test the water by means of application and we were amazed to be accepted onto the mission.

“We had generated significant interest in our products from our social media activity and thought this would be a great way to test the export markets.

“We also had interest from an Australian company and used the mission to put them to the test to meet us in Singapore to sign a distributor agreement.”

The TCG team were currently in Melbourne when catching up with BQ and still aren’t home but it’s fair to say the trade mission has been a great success.

When asked what advice he would give to other companies looking to break into export markets and potentially participate in a trade mission, Hourahine concluded: “From our first experience with the Welsh Government and the team from the trade and export department… it’s a no brainer. You have to at least give it a shot. It’s well worthwhile!”