Richard Theo of Wealthify

Richard Theo of Wealthify

Wealthify: Why we chose to invest in Wales

Wealthify co-founder Richard Theo explains how support from the Welsh Government has helped the company to invest in Wales.

With interest rates currently at an all-time low, those with their money in traditional bank accounts or ISAs are making little money on their savings.

Determined to buck this trend, Wealthify is offering people the chance to get involved in investing, benefiting from the returns that have traditionally been the preserve of the elite, without needing any prior knowledge or experience.

Making all the decisions on your behalf, newbie investors can choose their investment style and can get started with as little as £1 while Wealthify select the funds that suit your preferences best.

Richard Theo, CEO at Wealthify, talks about life running a young digital start-up in Wales. He reflects that the culture of Cardiff, and Wales as a whole, synergises perfectly with the entrepreneurial culture developing there, as more and more budding business founders recognise that the country is an ideal location to invest, start-up and grow.

In addition, he discusses the role of Welsh Government in helping Wealthify to grow through their offer of grant funding, and its recognition of the importance of supporting entrepreneurs in exciting new industries to cement Wales’ reputation as a great place to do business.