How can we keep up to date?

Businesses and advisors continually bemoan the fact that they are unaware of what is there to help them, but in this fast-paced, digitally-enabled world how can they keep abreast of everything that is published which may be of value to them? And how can those who want to reach them know where they are most likely to look?

Business listings, portals and hubs would logically seem to provide an answer.  Over six months ago I welcomed the introduction of a new access-to-finance portal for the Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP area.  Sadly, I have mentioned this portal at three recent events, but much to my dismay discovered that less than 5% of people in attendance had heard of it!  Next month will see the launch of a much-anticipated Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP Growth Hub, one of 39 such Hubs across the country.  This will include the access-to-finance portal within its wider offer.  Let’s hope it fares better.

At ART, we have just changed our name to ART Business Loans and so are going through the process of updating our online listings – quite a task, but we believe it is vital work.  Information that is out of date can be such a time waster. 

We are fortunate to be living in an age of internet access, search engines and a free flow of information, but we do all need to take the time to make best use of it – continually promoting and sharing links to valuable sources of information, alerting those who maintain listings if we spot incorrect information and regularly carrying out new searches to check whether anything has changed.  It should be easy, but ironically it seems to be harder than ever before to keep up to date.