Global firms support Coventry training centre

Global firms support Coventry training centre

Global players in engineering, manufacturing and technology have pledged their support to the MTC’s Lloyds Bank Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre near Coventry.

Bosch Rexroth, DMG MORI, Siemens UK and Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence have all lent a hand to support the next generation of Great British manufacturing.

The four patrons have committed valuable support; ranging from financial and capital investment to providing equipment, technology and experts.

The centre represents a £36m investment that will play a key role in redressing the skills gap in the High Value Manufacturing sector.

It aims to develop the vital skills required from the next generation of manufacturing engineers and technicians to deliver the technologies of the future.

Andrew Minturn, key account manager at Bosch Rexroth, said: “UK industry needs skilled engineers to innovate, problem-solve and ensure machines and systems continue to work productively and efficiently. Investing in these skills is essential to staying competitive on a global scale.

“The MTC’s Lloyds Bank Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre is the ideal incubator to develop a mixture of academic and practical engineering skills.

“Developing the next generation of engineers is extremely important to Bosch Rexroth. Innovation and trends from industry are the guiding principles of the company and these guiding principles match the overall vision of the centre.

“We’re proud to support the centre and work together to ensure British industry and its engineers achieve their full potential. We’re confident that the skills learnt here today will drive UK manufacturing in the future.”

Alan Norbury, Industrial CTO at Siemens UK, added: “If you look at any great and successful business, it would be based on solid foundations, similarly apprenticeships provide a solid foundation for great and successful careers.

“I started with Siemens as an apprentice and it gave me an excellent basis for my career journey - I continue to draw on those skills and experiences I’ve learned throughout my career.

“The future of British manufacturing lies firmly in the hands of our young talent, and the engineers of the future will need a combination of skills to tackle the nation’s much-debated productivity challenge head-on.

“The MTC’s Lloyds Bank Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre is a perfect environment for them to develop those capabilities.

“Siemens is very proud to support the centre in developing the right skills that we need to make the UK the best in the world in manufacturing.”

The centre is also working with a number of other organisations, including Sandvik Coromant, Multipix Imaging and GF Machining Solutions.