JLR staff celebrate the Defender

JLR staff celebrate the Defender

Staff at the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) plant in Solihull cheered as the last ever Land Rover Defender rolled off the production line today with its lights flashing and horn blaring.

Over two million of the 4x4s have been produced over the past 68 years as it became one of the most-loved and long-lived road vehicles and one of the region's most famous exports.

Former SAS sergeant Andy McNab hailed the role of Land Rover Defenders in the British military after the last one rolled off the production line today.

McNab, now a successful author, recently bought his own Defender after hearing production was coming to an end.

"I got one at the end of last year because of this," he told the Press Association.

"I love them. I learned to drive in one. They've always been there because it's been the main vehicle for the military since about the Fifties."

He said Land Rovers have been "synonymous" with the Armed Forces because they act as a "huge weapons platform."

He added: "It could take all the weight. It was the basic workhorse."

Motoring experts said production was ended because of difficulties in maintaining safety and emissions standards.

Defenders are a favourite with the Queen and have featured in a number of films such as James Bond movie Skyfall and Edge Of Tomorrow featuring Tom Cruise.

The vehicle, which was exported all around the world, represented the continuation of the very first Land Rover which arrived on the scene in April 1948 and was modelled on the wartime Jeeps.