Barnsley shopping centre goes green

Barnsley shopping centre goes green

A Barnsley shopping centre has revealed figures from its latest environmental scheme to reduce its carbon footprint, improve safety and enhance customers’ shopping experience.

Between December 2014 and December 2015 significant changes have been made across The Alhambra Shopping Centre to achieve their sustainability goals.

One of these enhancements included swapping mall and car park lighting from fluorescent to LED lighting in order to make the centre brighter and ultimately safer for shoppers.

The swap has also resulted in a 60% energy saving per fitting within the centre, and combined with savings made in the car park has helped the centre achieve  an annual saving of just over £25,000.

Waste management has also been improved for retailers thanks to the instillation of a general waste compactor and cardboard and polythene bailing machines.

These new additions now allow waste to be separated before its collection from the centre. 

Cardboard and Polythene waste are helping the centre make savings , reducing the waste management annual cost from £22,568 to £4,212, now being sold back to the waste management company.

John Tarrant, Alhambra’s Centre Manager, said: "The environment and the safety of our visitors is paramount, which is why we are constantly looking for ways of improving both our carbon footprint and sustainability.”