IT firm launches e.learning academy

IT firm launches e.learning academy

A Birmingham IT company that develops bespoke computer systems for the finance industry has taken action to combat a growing shortage of software engineers.

Martin Worner, founder and MD of Brindleyplace based thecitysecret, has launched his own in-house training Academy in an attempt to recruit and retain high calibre candidates.

He said: “In 15 years of business we have never experienced recruitment problems, especially as we offer attractive career prospects beyond the city, but recently we have been in the unusual position of struggling to find suitably qualified software programmers.”

Worner attributes the recruitment deficit to the reduced number of graduate training programmes being offered within the finance industry and the fact that fewer students are now studying computer science at university.

To avoid restricting potential for future growth, he has taken the matter into his own hands by creating a customised eLearning programme which all new employees now undertake.

The programme aims to fine tune each candidate’s technical programming skills, as well as providing vital training in the understanding of banking and online trading.

“As a company, thecitysecret is built on the back of a long-term relationship with the finance industry.

“We must remain one step ahead of our clients in terms of predicting their future software needs and it is essential that we retain this specialist knowledge within the business.

“The academy programme is designed with this aim in mind,” said Worner.

The company’s most recent recruit, Pawel Kors, joined their Birmingham office from South Africa, and although has 20 years in software development, has no banking background.

 Prior to the development of the academy, he may not have been considered for the job.

“I am hugely reassured by the idea of a structured training programme.

The academy leaves nothing to chance,” he said.  

Furthermore, the academy is offering specific training to school leavers on apprenticeship schemes based at offices in Birmingham and Yorkshire.

“We are determined not to fall foul of any future skills shortage and are doing everything possible to equip all our staff in readiness for future growth,” adds Worner.