Three quarters of Midlands businesses expect growth

Three quarters of Midlands businesses expect growth

The Midlands have ranked as the region most confident in the future, with three quarters of all businesses expecting growth in 2016 according to the latest Attitudes to Business Investment survey from Lombart.

The asset service provider also found that 84% of businesses are looking at investment as a means of exploring new markets, while 64% are looking to invest to support export activity.

A further 84% are also looking to invest to improve efficiency in order to drive productivity.

Ian Isaac, Head of Lombard said: “It’s very encouraging to see high levels of confidence in the Heart of the England.

“The findings of the survey indicate that businesses in the region are very aware of what they need to do in order to secure ongoing and sustainable growth.

“Within their business plans, investment aimed at securing innovation, improving productivity and establishing strong export markets will continue to be fundamental to securing the future health of the UK economy.”